Marginal Fields

Marginal Fields

A service contract for three Onshore Marginal Fields were awarded by Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited ("ONGC"), in April 2007 for further development, as a part of its "Marginal Field Monetization Program".

The Fields are part of the Jaisalmer-Mari High basin containing 1.42 Billion Cubic Meter (BCM) of gas reserves, spread across 100 Km2 and are located in the state of Rajasthan approximately 100 kms in the north of Jaisalmer, close to the International border with Pakistan.

Marginal Gas Fields, Rajasthan

  • Location

    Jaisalmer, Rajasthan
  • Project Phase

  • Contract Award

  • Basin

    Jaisalmer Mari High Basin
  • Area

    100 sq km2
Field Area (Sq. Kms) IGIP
Bankia 23.43 152.5 MMCM
Ghotaru 15.29 972.8 MMCM
Kharatar 61.28 297.58 MMCM
Total 100 1.42 BCM

DERL had carried out workover of all the gas wells and created surface facilities including laying of a 16 km long pipeline connecting wells from Ghotaru and Bankia. Gas collecting station at Bankia also constructed in 2012 having facilities for separation, purification and compression of natural gas. DERL has installed first of its kind Natural gas purification and drying unit for gas processing at the GCS. The process and compressed gas is planned to be supplied to customers in and around Jaisalmer region.